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Will You Come to the Manger?

“Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass…”

Luke 2:15 KJV

About the Song

As I was thinking about my 2018 Christmas card carol, I realized that when the angel messenger said to those humble shepherds: “…find the babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger,” it was an invitation to come to Christ.  When the new star shone out in the skies, it was an invitation to wise men in the east to come to Christ.

The invitation is the same today as it was then: “Come unto me…” “Come, follow me…” “Come unto Christ.”

The question I must answer, every moment of every day, is “Will you come?” 

The solo version for this song is very simple.  The duet version is simple, but it does take some range in the baritone voice. Both versions use the same accompaniment.

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Recording featuring vocals by Jacosa and Tupua Ainu’u:

Piano track in C:

Recording featuring vocals by Tj Larsen:

Piano track in D:

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Can you hear?
Can you hear?
There’s a song on the air
There are legions of angels singing there
Can you hear?
Will you follow the heavenly hymn?
Will you come to the manger of Bethlehem?

Can you see?
Can you see?
Rising bright in the east
There’s beacon and promise of hope and peace
Will you follow it now as they followed it then?
Will you come to the manger of Bethlehem?

Will you know? Will you know, ‘neath the skies all aglow,
The Gift of God’s love wrapped in swaddling clothes?
Will you seek His face?
Will you feel His grace?
Will you know your Lord and King?

Will you come?
Will you come to the Father’s own Son?
Will you follow your heart to the Holy One?
All the voices of heaven will guide you to Him
Will you come?
Will you come?
Come to the manger of Bethlehem

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  1. Amelia Knoblaugh

    Do you have arrangement for a soprano and alto duet in this music? I am willing to pay cash, venmo.

  2. Daryl Lee

    I was hoping to find ‘Will you come to the Manger’ in SSA. Is this request even a possibility?
    Love this song. Thank you for all your awesome songs.

  3. Donna

    I was looking for a short Christmas Song for the Christmas Eve service and came across this one (I always start my search on your site). I thought it was unique and beautiful, but wondered if it would fit- then I asked what the scripture reading would be for my song and it was Titus 2: 11-14…perfect! Thank you!

    For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

  4. Jantzen Anderson

    Thank you for your gifts—the gifts you’ve allowed Father to refine in you, the gifts you have shared with the world, the gifts that have brought me closer to Him. Many many times, I, like so many, have benefited from the your inspired work. But there have also been moments when I’ve wondered if, in your efforts to seek His will, you had unknowingly been led to leave a gift specifically for me, a complete stranger. Thank you for seeking His will. Thank you for being an instrument for Him.

  5. Lisa

    I am also having trouble with the the high duet PDF. We are really looking forward to learning this as a family for a special musical number. We sang peace peace peace last year and I looked for songs by other people for this year but I am just drawn to the thoughtful lyrics and lovely melodies you have created. Thank you for the effort you give and share so generously!

    • Sally DeFord

      All fixed. (I hope!) Thanks!

      • Lisa

        Hmmm…it’s still not coming through. I can download the others but the high version says that the pdf is in an invalid format.

        • Sally DeFord

          It’s working for me. Maybe try refreshing the page?

    • Cy

      Thank you so much for your generosity, talent and music. I’ll be singing it this quarantine church service.

  6. Denise Williams

    Sally this is so pretty! I love it! Thank you for this inspiring music! For Some reason it is not letting me download the high duet

  7. Karen

    Love this song!! Our ward choir sang the duet version for our 2019 Christmas program last December. I was a little worried how it would turn out as a choir ensemble vs. two people singing, but it was so beautiful!! If you’re thinking of including it in a future program, don’t hesitate!! You and your congregation will love the sweet melody and Spirit it brings to your meeting.

  8. Judith Case

    We are singing this as a duet Sunday. I think it is just beautiful!!!

  9. Kirsten Harvey

    This song is absolutely beautiful!!! I’m singing it at two church services this coming Sunday. Thank you for allowing access to your lovely music.

  10. KJ Murphy

    I’m so glad I came across this piece of music today. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for your ministry and for sharing your gifts with us.

  11. Kay L Sharp

    Not many of us are able to comfort hearts the way your music does. This song is so simple, yet so exquisite. My brother passed away in November of last year, and for reasons unknown to me, the images this song elicits are immensely comforting. It is impossible to miss how wonderfully gifted you are. But, there are many of us, perhaps most of us who have gifts to offer, but not all of us are as committed as you are to sharing your gift with others. So, thank you. Thank you so very much.

  12. Paul Davidson

    Thank you – and thanks be to God – for all your beautiful works of musically-expressed faith which you share so generously. This latest work – both text and music – is truly moving. I look forward to using it in our church and with my voice students (worship pastors in training) as I have a number of your other songs. May God bless you and continue to bless countless others through you.

  13. Lisa Strebel

    Sister DeFord,
    I have served as the Ward Music Chairman in the Pioneer Park Ward for 6 years. I am Anglo in an all-Hmong ward. I am challenged with finding appropriate music for Sacrament Meeting, but also songs that can be translated into Hmong. Your music is beautiful, and the recordings with vocals and just accompaniments provides me with a quick way to send your link to participants to listen and learn on their own then come to rehearsal ready to sing. I have used many of your pieces and they have enriched the lives and strengthened the testimonies of our congregation. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent!

  14. Barbara King

    What a beautiful piece of music. So very blessed to have you create such beautiful music and then to share it with others. Truly are so talented and such a beautiful giving person. Thank you.

  15. Traci Christensen

    You nail it every time! I’m so thankful for your generosity in sharing your music and the spirit I feel as I listen. Thank you!

  16. Amy Ney

    SO pretty! Thank you and God blesses you! ❤

  17. Dana Richmond

    Dear musically gifted, Sally,
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed singing with choirs who have used your music over the last 10 years. Thank you for sharing your special gift to all who will listen. You are one of those special angels who must have sung with the heavenly choir at the time of our Savoir’s birth. Merry Christmas!

  18. Holly

    Have you made a SA duet? This is a beautiful song!

    • Sandra Govin

      I would love to have an SSA of this one too.

      • Cheryl Smith

        A friend and I are singing it next week, she a mezzo soprano on the melody, and I a soprano on the tenor line an octave above. Having the harmony so close together, and having them weave around each other is absolutely beautiful.

  19. Robert C. Stevenson / Jacksonville West Stake

    Dear Sis DeFord, Thank you for this beautiful song to celebrate the season! I truly always love to find your Christmas Card Songs and sing them every year! I always love your other offerings and perform them with my ward choir and as I sing solos! Thanks 🎶

  20. Donna

    Thank you for sharing your gift so freely! I, too share my gift of my voice, freely! I gave a printout to my accompanist and she loved it, too! I’ll be singing it during our Christmas service.

  21. Marlene Jibson

    This is so beautiful. Do you have plans to do an SATB version of this?

    • sallydeford

      Oh, yes…. I *always* have plans to do a choral. Sometimes it even happens. 🙂 (If it does though, it won’t be this year. )

  22. Sharon May

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and being so generous with it. My husband and I have average voices, but love to sing together. It’s hard to find music in our range, but you have it for us. We will definitely sing your wonderful song at the Christmas Program in our tiny Branch in Stanley Idaho. Jacosa Ainuu is my niece, by the way. What a talent she has!

    • sallydeford

      What a lucky aunt you are! She’s a keeper. 🙂

  23. Glenn Schueffner

    Another beautiful and touching composition. I am going to run through it with my accompaniast and may be singing this at my church on Christmas Eve. Your contributions to music and faith are incredible! Thank you, as always.

  24. Nancy L Mullins

    This is beautiful. To hear Jacosa and Tupua sing this gave me chills. It is truly beautiful.

  25. Koleta Wells

    As always, this is a perfectly precious work! thank you so very much for this lovely piece and for loving and sharing you, my inspiration.

  26. Kathy

    Oh my! So beautiful, peaceful, loving…. thanks so very much for sharing!

  27. Janet Welsh

    Beautiful piece! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful music with the world.


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