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Write Thy Name Upon My Heart

“There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ… that ye should remember to retain the name written always in your hearts…”
Mosiah 5:8,12
About the Song

The recording by Allyse Smith Taylor is done in 3/4 time. (Well, mostly 3/4!) That’s because Marvin Goldstein was accompanying, and having fun with it. The original score is written in 4/4.

The SSA version of this song may be sung using the accompaniment and flute obbligato from version 2. The SSATB is a bit harder to use that way since there are some dissonances that will make the parts harder to sing.

The cello score is what you hear in the recording by James Loynes. It can be used with version 2 with or without the flute.

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Spotify, Soundcloud (inc. free downloads)

Click the Soundcloud download icon to download the free track for personal use. Recording featuring vocals by James Loynes:

Accompaniment track:

Recording featuring vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor:

Recording featuring vocals by Tiffany Mortensen:


Write thy name upon my heart
Jesus, Savior of mankind
Teach me charity unfailing
Teach me compassion, Lord, like thine
Endow my soul with loving kindness
Make me even as thou art
Engrave thine image in my countenance
Write thy name upon my heart

When battles rage; when storms arise
Make me a messenger of peace
Teach me tolerance and meekness
And faith to bid the tempest cease
Endow my soul with loving kindness
Make me even as thou art
Engrave thine image in my countenance
Write thy name upon my heart

Grant me strength to serve thee well
Light my spirit with thy grace
‘Til all my works reflect thy goodness
‘Til all my labors sing thy praise
Endow my soul with loving kindness
Make me even as thou art
Engrave thine image in my countenance
Write thy name upon my heart

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  1. Beverly Wilson

    This is definitely one of my favorites that you have written. Thank you – again and again.
    Just inspiring and beautiful melody that matches the words. Love it!

  2. Sidney Lee

    Thank you for sharing your talent so freely. This is the second time that I have sung this song in Sacrament meeting and it is so beautiful. I appreciate that you make it so possible to have access to beautiful, inspiring music. Sidney Lee

  3. Roberta Houston

    We now have a tenor Soloist, and need music in a higher range. Is that what “Personal Composer” can do – transpose?
    Yes, I’d like to once again receive your emails. I have several of your solos and have enjoyed them very much – thank you!

  4. Mary M Copeland

    I love this piece. However, I’m not a very accomplished pianist (hadn’t played in 60 years until recently)…Would love to play this but don’t have the capability. do you have a simpler version just for piano? Hoping down the line to have our choir sing this. It is so beauitiful.

  5. Renae Urie

    I would love to use both flute and cello with the SSATB arrangement. Is that possible with some minor changes? Can you give me any suggestions?

  6. Nicole Gonzalez

    Hi – for “Write thy name upon my heart” can you tell me which piano arrangement the cello music goes with? Thank you !

  7. Dimond

    Beautiful song! Only wish there was a solo oboe arrangement.

  8. Carol George

    We sang “Write Thy Name Upon My Heart” for conformation when the Bishop made his yearly visit yesterday.
    I like the words so much that I copied them from my sheet music to use as a prayer at our Education for Ministry meeting to night. I feel sometimes that people are moved by the performance but can;t remember the words, so now I have them to use regularly in my prayers. Thanks so much. cdm

  9. sis

    I love this music!!!!!!!!

  10. sandra

    i had a great testim0ny sunday. i let my yw listen t0 this music during our yw class, relate this on h0w our faith in the at0nement written in our hearts. tha

  11. healy

    I put together the ward sacrament meeting program and this week our ward choir will be performing this song. The title so touched me that I had to find you and print it up. Thank you for all the inspiration you give to one and all. What a beautiful talent you are sharing with the world.

  12. pattsky

    Steven has expressed what I have long felt, too. God bless you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us, Sally. You have done a great job!

  13. steven

    Ms Salley you share what many would charge for but I think you know that what God is going to share with you is of great value. thank you


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