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Another beautiful voice

by Nov 29, 2013Musings10 comments

SnowflakebluePerhaps you’ve seen some of the macro pictures of snowflakes that float around the internet. (Like these… taken with a DIY camera setup.) The beauty and variety are amazing. They also look a bit unreal, don’t they? Like something you’d find made of acrylic hanging on a Christmas tree.

I think the beauty and variety found in the human voice is equally amazing. No matter how many voices you hear, no two are the same–each has its own unique characteristics and expression.

I’m lucky–I get to hear quite a lot of beautiful voices. Here’s an example… a solo version of “There Within a Stable,” sung by Jamie Williams of Mesa, Arizona, USA. She’s a mom with 6 kids, and a fellow music-lover with a gorgeous voice. I hope you enjoy her rendition. (The accompaniment has been updated for the solo version, and is available on the song page.)


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