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Dream of the Giant Turtle

Mar 7, 2019

They say that children dream of animals much more often than adults do. I certainly did.

TurtleOne recurring nightmare was about a giant turtle as big as a house. He wanted to kill me, but agreed to spare my life if I would let him smash my hand. (Okay, yeah, dreams are weird.) I really had no choice, and as he stepped on my poor little hand to carry out this diabolical bargain, I woke up in terror.

It was so vivid and so real, and recurred so many times, that for awhile I was afraid to go to bed.

Obviously I have a thing about my hands. And I’m not that fond of turtles, blue or otherwise.

Today’s great adventure: carpal tunnel release surgery on my left hand, along with cleaning up some ligaments. No turtles involved, but it has brought home to me just how valuable hands are. It went well, and I’m now loopy on Vicodin. Probably not the best time to post on a blog. 😉

I realized, however, how long it has been since my last (it’s not easy to post one-handed, as I am this moment rediscovering) and I figured since I had nothing else to do but whimper and complain…

I haven’t been idle: there’s a new playlist with a couple of new and a few updated recordings here:


There are a few new things in the works as well, which will be finished… well…  after the pain fades.

I guess the moral of the story is this: I’m very thankful for the blessings of good docs and modern medicine… and hands. Turtles? Not so much.

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