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On a Still and Starry Night

Because He came, there is meaning to our mortal existence.

Thomas S. Monson

About the Song

One day not nearly close enough to Christmas to be really appropriate yet, I was singing “Silver Bells” to myself when nobody was around to scold me for my unseasonable earliness. I love “Silver Bells.” But a funny thing happened as I sang these words from the introductory section:

Whatever happens, or what may be,
This is what Christmastime means to me…

I realized that the song then goes on to list some of the most trivial elements of the season… streetlights, shopping, decorated city sidewalks. Santa’s big scene. And in a fit of rebellion, I started writing down what Christmastime really does mean to me. The result is my 2014 Christmas Card Carol, “On a Still and Starry Night.”

Don’t get me wrong… I still love love love “Silver Bells.” Who wouldn’t? I just think that Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.

The SATB for this song is a key higher than the solo, and the accompaniment may be used to accompany the solo if desired. You may want to omit the introductory first page in some settings. Just follow the instructions on the score. The simple hymn setting is harmonized somewhat differently than the anthem, so the accompaniment won’t work well with it.

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Falling snow; lights aglow; carols on the air;
Shining stars, open arms, laughter everywhere.
Of all the pleasures Christmas may bring
Here are the treasures that make my heart sing

There is hope in every dawning
There is purpose in our days
There is promise in our longing
And rejoicing in our praise

There is comfort for our yearning
In our darkness there is Light
Because the Father sent His Son to us
On a still and starry night

There is peace amid disquiet
For the seeking heart to find,
In confusion there is guidance
To relieve the troubled mind

There’s a sure, unerring Pilot
True and faithful by our side
Because the Father sent His Son to us
On a still and starry night

There’s a distant angel chorus
For the willing heart to hear
There are tidings sweet and joyous
To dispel our doubt and fear

There’s a Savior ever nigh us
Ever patient, ever kind
Because the Father sent His Son to us
On a still and starry night

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  1. Keira

    Which voicing does this accompaniment track go with? (Since they’re in different keys)
    This is an absolutely beautiful song! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!

  2. Marilyn Kiene

    Thank you for sharing this piece. Your music is wonderful. Thank you for your kindness in making it available to all.

  3. SCook

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift! My daughter sang this for our Christmas program while another played the violin accompaniment, and the spirit was so strong. This song is perfection.

  4. Robert Robbins

    Just found this! Sally, you have outdone yourself with this one. So many times I have thanked you in my heart for your beautiful music that you so freely share. Great blessing await you in the kingdoms of our Father.

  5. Pr. Samuel Inácio da Silva

    Grant musical, I Need Sheet Music for my choir in Brasil – Baptist Church Ipiranga – São Paulo – Brasil

  6. Jennifer

    Do you have a violin part for the SSA choir?

  7. Lillian Montgomery

    This is really beautiful! Thank you!

  8. Kami Gossard

    Thank you Sally for this beautiful song I am singing this as a solo in my Royal Mesa YSA Ward Christmas program and as for my friends and family who couldn’t see me preform or live far away I will be doing a video with me singing this song as my Christmas gift to them .

  9. joyce

    Very moving and beautiful

  10. Clarissa

    Thank you so much for this song. My sacrament performance got pushed back to the Sunday after Christmas and this song is a perfect blend of Christmas and what Christmas means the rest of the year. I am so excited to put it together.

  11. Marlene Bond

    What a beautiful piece of music! I was looking for something for my Whitefish, Montana choir with violin accompaniment. This is the answer to my quest. Thanks so much! My daughter will also sing the solo in her ward in Ogden. We have an annual program for everyone that is very popular for the whole city. They will love this piece! So will my choir!

  12. Mary

    I hadn’t figured out how to start or end our Christmas “cantata.” When I came across this, it was just right. I will use the introduction and first verse at the beginning and the last two verses at the end. Thank you.

  13. Jeannine

    Wonderful! And just the inspiration I needed to gel up the idea for our Christmas Program!!
    The “Totally Awesome Duncan Ward Choir” loves you

  14. Jane Moyer

    Thank you so much for the new Christmas Card Carol, “On a Still and Starry Night”. Just beautiful!


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