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New Music: “Night of Nights,” and a new congregational accompaniment

Nov 29, 2022 | Musings, new

Here’s an early (or late, depending on your point of view) Christmas present 3 for 2022: this year’s Christmas carol, called “Night of Nights.” It’s available in two keys–a higher voice solo, and a solo one step lower. The higher solo is accompanied by viola; the lower solo is accompanied by violin.

Here’s a recording with both vocals and viola by Rebecca Lord:

Isn’t she awesome? And to make it even better, she’s a truly lovely person and has become a dear friend. That’s one of the best blessings of this little music hobby of mine–I get to know wonderful people.

In other news, I’ve finally done a congregational accompaniment for “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.” Necessity seems to be the driver for these–we needed it for our Christmas program so it happened. Because it has to adhere strictly to the written harmonies in the hymn, it’s not overly imaginative. (It was, in fact, a sore trial for my poor husband who had to listen to me whine about the wild flights of harmonic fancy I had to forego.)

It’s written as a four-hand piano duet, and it’s meant to be played along with the hymn found in the 1985 LDS Hymnbook. (You can download the hymn here.) It *is* a bit harder than it looks since the hymn is in 6/8 and moves along at a pretty fast clip. There’s no recording for this one. (Nor have I actually heard it yet. I may be back to obliterate every trace of its existence, depending on how it goes.)

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Right outside our window. We call it “Cat TV.”

I hope your season is merry and bright, and perhaps white as well like today is at my house. (Okay, just white for you northerners. I know some of you will be BBQing and relaxing in the sun.)

Most of all, I hope it’s filled with love for the Baby laid in a manger, the One who makes every day a day of hope and rejoicing.


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