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A Carol to the King: a collaboration—fortunately!

Oct 8, 2019

Once upon a time…

Why do I seem to start a lot of posts that way? You’d think my life was a fairy tale. I guess in a lot of ways our lives really are like fairy tales–not every moment of every fairy tale is filled with enchanted coaches and beautiful ball gowns. Cinderella’s house had a mouse problem, Aurora had serious sleep issues, Snow White’s dad married one heckuva crazywoman…

Ahem… as I was saying…

Once upon a time…

…I wrote some words and a melody. And then I realized that my ability to actually set that melody as a choral and accompany it with really cool accompaniment was limited by A LEFT HAND THAT STILL DOESN’T FUNCTION PROPERLY. (At least when I whine, I do it in all caps. Boldface.)

Since I am the Queen of Plaguing People With Projects (see… the fairy tale theme continues!), I plagued a friend with this one.

Katherine Wright is an amazing musician, and writes a lot of really gorgeous stuff of her own. Take a look at her work here: http://www.wrightmusicstudio.com/sheet-music.html – her “Come Unto Jesus” setting is one of my all-time favorites.

She’s also a very tolerant friend, and has been since she was 16. (I was older. I won’t tell you how much older.) So Katherine did the choral setting and accompaniment (with only a bit of kibitzing by the other half of the team) and I did the words and melody (ditto).

The result was this year’s first Christmas offering: “A Carol to the King.” It’s voiced for SATB choir and piano.

Here’s a piano track:

Click the Soundcloud download icon to download the free track for personal use.

There is no vocal recording for this one, since I STILL don’t own a choir or a million-dollar studio. (Silly me… I should get on that!) The piano supports the voices well enough, however, that you should be able to figure out what the parts sound like.

Katherine and I are quite the pair: we both sweat the small stuff, so getting to the happily-ever-after always takes us awhile. But since we’re finally there…

…and they all lived happily ever after. 

(Until next time. Cue Evil Queen laughter…)

Next up: a Christmas solo gets SATBed by request, and TTBBed as well. (Abbreviations can verb too….) 😉

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A Carol to the King (SATB)

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