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A Christmas Album worth hearing: Laura Pattillo – Oh Holy Night

Nov 29, 2015

Here’s a wonderful new album by singer Laura Pattillo to start your Christmas season off right. The arrangements are by Kurt Bestor, and the combination is gorgeous. I wanted to know a little more about her, so I asked her how she’d describe herself:

“I’m the mother of 5 crazy children. I live in Kennewick, Washington–the desert side of the state. I married the world’s most wonderful man (sorry ladies!). I studied music for several years at BYU, but marriage put a stop to that. I eventually finished an online degree through BYU in Creative Writing and have added children’s author to my list of hobbies. I’m an opera-singing farm-girl, and I’m always busy.”

Laura included my “And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful” on the album. The intro and interludes have the “For Unto Us a Child is Born” motif included in them, which is very cool. The sheet music isn’t currently available–I’ll let you know if that changes. (Edit: Ha! It did… see this update.)

I’m just sitting here enjoying this whole album tonight as I post this… and feeling very Christmassy. 🙂


Purchase the album in CD or MP3 format at Laura’s website or at Amazon, or you can get any or all of the tracks on iTunes.


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