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About those YouTube ads…

Jun 24, 2019

YouTube play buttonYouTube. **sigh** Such a love/hate relationship I have with that place. But where else would I find so many cat videos? 😸

The other day my own mother 💕 posted one of my videos to Facebook, and apologized for the advertising. I think she was annoyed. So let me give you the scoop on those things….

Once upon a time… not so long ago, actually… I found that my videos had “copyright claims” and ads (or adverts, if you please) slapped on them by people (..cough.. Universal… cough) who had no rights in them whatsoever. 🤦‍♀️  Especially arrangements of public domain material. (“Hey, we have an arrangement of ‘Oh Holy Night’  … this one must be ours too!!!”)

I complained through YouTube’s designated system, and my plea was summarily rejected. I guess the Big Boys have all the clout. Grrrr. 😡 In a snit, I pulled down all the files that were producing revenue for the interlopers.

However, an increasing number of people –some claim around 47%– prefer music delivery via YouTube. So for their sake, I needed to continue to use it.

  What to do? 

The answer was simple: let CDBaby upload to YouTube and slap on copyright claims in my behalf. They pay me 💲 for the ad revenue instead of letting someone else claim it. Problem solved. Or at least, temper tantrums solved.

The revenue it generates actually keeps the site self-sustaining. I guess I don’t mind letting advertising pay for your free stuff. ✔ (Giving stuff away is remarkably expensive.)

So there you have it. If you use “YouTube Premium” you won’t see ads.👓 If you have to endure them, you can at least skip them 👍 after a few seconds. If they annoy you, just use the Soundcloud audio files.

FYI, my YouTube channel is here: http://youtube.com/c/sallydefordmusicvideos. I use it mostly for linking, and I don’t promote it, but you’re welcome to subscribe if you like.

BTW, If you ever run into inappropriate advertising on my videos (hopefully never! 🤞 ) feel free to report it below.

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