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About those YouTube ads…

Jun 24, 2019

YouTube play buttonYouTube. **sigh** Such a love/hate relationship I have with that place. But where else would I find so many cat videos?

The other day my own mother posted one of my videos to Facebook, and apologized for the advertising. I think she was annoyed. So let me give you the scoop on those things:

Once upon a time… not so long ago, actually… I found that my videos had “copyright claims” and ads (or adverts, if you please) slapped on them by people (..cough.. Universal… cough) who had no rights in them whatsoever. Especially arrangements of public domain material. (“Hey, we have an arrangement of ‘Oh Holy Night’  … this one must be ours too!!!”)

I complained through YouTube’s designated system, and my plea was summarily rejected. I guess the Big Boys have all the clout. Grrrr. In a snit, I pulled down all the files that were producing revenue for the interlopers.

However, an increasing number of people –some claim around 47%– prefer music delivery via YouTube. So for their sake, I needed to continue to use it.

  What to do? 

The answer was simple: let CDBaby upload to YouTube and slap on copyright claims on my behalf. They pay me for the ad revenue instead of letting someone else claim it. Problem solved. Or at least, temper tantrums solved.

The revenue it generates actually keeps the site self-sustaining. I guess I don’t mind letting advertising pay for your free stuff. ✔ (Giving stuff away is remarkably expensive.)

So there you have it. If you use “YouTube Premium” you won’t see ads. If you have to endure them, you can at least skip them after a few seconds. If they annoy you, just use the Soundcloud audio files.

FYI, my YouTube channel is here: http://youtube.com/c/sallydefordmusicvideos. I use it mostly for linking, and I don’t promote it, but you’re welcome to subscribe if you like.

BTW, you will hopefully not run into inappropriate advertising on my videos. Google owns YouTube, and supplies the ads based on your perceived interests and browsing habits. Fingers crossed!

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