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Christmas Card Carol 2018: Will You Come to the Manger?

Nov 18, 2018

PresentBefore internet shopping was a thing, getting Christmas presents shipped before Thanksgiving was definitely one of my goals. A rarely-achieved goal, but still…  (In the US, our Thanksgiving holiday is the 4th Thursday in November. This coming Thursday in fact. 🙂 ) Now that Amazon Prime does most of my shipping for me, I can usually check that box..

The somewhat-more-difficult-and-even-more-rarely-achieved goal of getting my Christmas Card Carol done before Thanksgiving remains, however, and Amazon Prime helps not at all. But… ***drum roll*** … this year I did it. For a change. Virtual back-pats welcome.

This year’s carol is called “Will You Come to the Manger?” It’s set for solo voice, and for duet.

First the duet:

This version is performed by Jacosa and Tupua Ainu’u, two lovely friends who left the islands of Hawai’i a couple years back to settle in Atlanta–about as far across country as you can go. Jacosa and Tupua are now bringing the spirit of Aloha and a taste of Polynesian culture to friends in Georgia through their company, “Cousin T Entertainment,” and to the rest of us through their YouTube channel

Here’s their rendition:

The solo version features vocals by the beautiful and talented Tj Larsen:

The accompaniments are identical in both versions. It’s available in three keys, and you are, of course, welcome to transpose it into any other key you need.

Book coverIn other news, I finally conquered the frustration of formatting and got the “My Heart Sings” elementary piano book done. (More back pats are in order here. Many more.)  It contains all the songs from the “My Heart Sings” album, simplified for elementary piano with optional intermediate accompaniments.

The scores are all here on site for free–just check the individual song pages. If you want the bound book, it’s available here

When Natasha did the beeeeautiful cover art for me, she also provided a black and white version for coloring that became the first page of the book. (If you want the coloring page, here’s a PDF you can download.)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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