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Friday Favorites #4

Sep 6, 2013

Amazing how life gets away from you when you’re swamped inundated up to your ears in alligators … having fun! Yes. That’s what I meant.

There are still two more scores from Heather’s album to get ready to post, which have been back-burnered in favor of some other more pressing assignments. After I’ve dug myself out of the latest hole, they’re next on the list.

This Holy Christmas Night coverIn the meantime, here’s a new Friday Favorite that I think you’ll enjoy. We we just started this one in our Institute Choir.

It’s a gorgeous Christmas number called “This Holy Christmas Night,” written by Lloyd Larsen. We’re doing the SATB, but it’s also available for SSA or Solo voice.

If you click on the title above or the cover at the left, there’s an audio available. Look for the little blue speaker icon about halfway down the page, right next to the cover image that… well, isn’t there. 🙂 I scanned the cover so you’d know what it looks like. It’s really worth a listen.

This song includes a hauntingly-beautiful violin part, which is printed on the last page of the music. We sight-read the song this past week, and found it fairly easy to read through, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.


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