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Fun and Games, and a Missionary Choir

Oct 2, 2013

Damien and Lyric

Best friends. Most of the time. 😉

It’s a busy week–the grandbabies are here to play. They are a very picturesque pair. Also nice, well-behaved, smart, creative, (insert virtues of your choice here)…   No bias. Nope. None. Since my attention will be elsewhere for a while, a few things waiting in queue will have to be patient a bit longer. In the meantime, here’s a fun missionary choir for you to enjoy.

This is from last weekend’s Relief Society (women’s organization) session of the LDS church’s General Conference. (This is embedded Flash video and may not work on all devices. I’ll replace it with YouTube video when it becomes available. Assuming that happens at some point.)
I’m a bit hesitant about posting this since the sheet music isn’t available, and… well, I’m not completely satisfied with the arrangement. It’s a medley of “Go Forth With Faith” and “As Sisters in Zion.” The first is an exuberant, upbeat, almost-march-ish hymn about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the world. The second is a gentle, sweet, almost-waltz-ish hymn about sisterhood and unity. The two did not want to play nicely together, and fought me every step of the way.

What makes this rendition most appealing to me is the choir–sister missionaries just setting off to various parts of the world where they will spend their time teaching of Jesus Christ and serving in any way they can.

That service often comes in unexpected ways… hence this picture–my adorable niece (the one the in the closet) and her fellow missionary compatriots helping with cleanup during the recent flooding in Colorado.

I loved looking at the faces in the choir–so happy, so beautiful, and they sounded great. The incredible thing is that they had the music memorized. I know how long these ladies had (or didn’t have) to learn the music and what their schedules are like. I’m well and truly impressed!

Happy Wednesday! I’m off to enjoy Dueling Action Figures and Other Very Important Things. 🙂

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