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How’s about that? I didn’t break the internet!

Sep 26, 2017

Here’s the brand-spankin-new site… which is pretty much just like the old site. Only greener. It may not stay green, but for now, welcome to the Emerald City.

My husband is painting the house, so in sympathy I chose the same color. I had the easier job. 

There are a few cosmetic changes, and some things on the back end that you (hopefully) won’t see.

More importantly, I Photoshopped my current hair onto my old pictures because I’m too lazy to get new ones taken. 🙂

I guess there actually are a few meaningful changes other than hairstyles and paint colors.

Here’s a summary of the differences:

Finding Stuff:

  • The “Alphabetical List” is now called the “Song List.” It’s a fancy-schmancy table that lets you search for topics, voicings, keywords, etc. Because it’s so clever and cool, I keep going back to play with it instead of doing real work.

Listening to Stuff:

  • The “Playlists” page now includes YouTube as well as Soundcloud. The playlists open in a new browser tab and the music will continue until you close the tab.
  • The Soundcloud players on the individual song pages have been acting up a bit. You may have to hit reload to get them to display properly. (If you right-click them and reload the frame, it works even better.) Soundcloud is looking into it since quite a few of us howled at them. Fingers crossed.

Aaaaand the Sheet Music:

  • ALL of the individual songs have been reformatted. 531 scores. FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE OF THEM. By the time I finished I was ready to chuck my computer off a convenient bridge and take up knitting.
  • But they’re done, which means ALL the Personal Composer files are also available for those scores, so transpose and/or resize to your heart’s content. There’s a post here with instructions on transposition, and one here with instructions on resizing.
  • Cantata scores are NOT done. They look just like before, which is sad.

    They’re next on the list, but I’m not likely to hurry through them. There are at least 500 scores in that batch as well.  Knitting is looking better and better…


Mufflers! And scarves! And… um, yeah. That’s probably about it.

Other than that, things work pretty much the same. I expect a few glitches. If you see anything amiss, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

That hefty sigh of relief you just heard… yeah, that was me. 🙂

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