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In a Manger Bed, and an attempt at a virtual choir

Sep 4, 2016

Awhile back the Mormon Tabernacle Choir produced a new recording of the Hallelujah! chorus from The Messiah. They included over 2000 … count ’em… 2000 voices from all over the world. And it’s perfect.

I’m thinking the MoTab had some automated way to combine all those voices. If they had done it the way I did the recording for this song, an army of sound engineers would still be messing with individual tracks in 3096.

The demo track for this selection includes 10… count ’em… 10 voices, mostly from my little town. And it’s NOT perfect, but it will give you an example of how the song sounds. We kept the rhythm pretty straight for this, since each voice had to sing alone. In performance I’d recommend a little more give in strategic places.

Like I said, it’s not perfect, but in our defense, we weren’t starting with the MoTab as a base. 😉

Baby JesusBy the way, I’m not doing another one of these. Nope. Nu-uh. No way. (She says. And at this moment she means it.)

In a Manger Bed” is voiced for SATB choir with optional, extremely simple bells.

It will be pretty easy to learn (it was for the “choir”…hey, a couple of them were sight-reading… ahem… ), though there are a couple of tricky entrances that you’ll want to practice-repeat-practice-repeat until it clicks. There is a second soprano part that lasts all of two notes, and may be omitted.

Only 112 days until Christmas! 🙂

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