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In That Holy Place revisited

Aug 26, 2016

One of the highlights of my summer was having the beautiful and talented Katie Bastian come to Colorado to play to work on music. One of the songs we recorded was, “In That Holy Place,” which I wrote by assignment way back in 2002. Katie and I spent a nice, long weekend recording this and some other things–there’s a new Christmas song coming up, and here’s a sample of Katie’s own beautiful arranging: Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me.

Lest we be accused of actually working efficiently, I’ll admit that we spent at least half our time gabbing, eating too much, gabbing, playing with the dog, gabbing, and enjoying ourselves immensely. I wasn’t sure I was actually going to send her home. Ya think maybe Hiko felt the same? She spoiled him rotten.

If Katie looks familiar, maybe you watched her sing “Keep Christmas With You” along with a couple of Muppets during the Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas program awhile back. So fun! (Hmmm… Hiko looks a bit like a Muppet…)

This version of “In That Holy Place” has a new accompaniment and includes an obbligato for flute. Both are available on the song page. The video includes Katie’s vocals, and flute by Anne Lauritzen.

If you’ve ever wanted to peek inside a temple, watch for open houses when new temples are built. Currently (until 9/10/16) the Fort Collins Colorado temple is open for (free) public tours. If you’re in the vicinity, drop in. Reserved tickets are available, but not necessary. 🙂

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