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New Music: “Be Still, My Soul” Redux

Sep 14, 2022 | Musings, new

Way back in pre-historic times when the internet was still a fairly civil place (wait, was that ever a thing?), and knights and dragons still roamed the earth, an arrangement of “Be Still, My Soul” appeared on this site. It was arranged for solo only, with flute.

I intended to take a shot at it for SATB choir… sometime… eventually. Which has finally happened.

It came about because Rebecca Lord and I were working on this new solo recording with viola. (For the many of you who have asked when we’d hear more from her, well, here you are!)

It’s bigger, it’s lower, and it insists on its very own clef.

Isn’t she amazing? The vocals are hers; the viola is hers as well.

Viola. Ah, there’s where the dominoes started to fall. For some reason, there just aren’t that many violists out there so a version for violin (which also works for flute) was in order. Which required more re-writing.

And then… silly me… I plunged into an attempt at the SATB. **sigh** Why do I do this to myself?

Jean Sibelius composed “Finlandia” for orchestra. Then someone used it in a hymn. Then I improvised that hymn for solo baritone voice. Then I found that a few passages clashed with a soprano voice, so I re-arranged it again. So when it was time to try the SATB, I ended up arranging an arrangement of an arrangement of an arrangement of an arrangement.

I *think* it came out okay. It’s very simple–just men unison, women unison, then SATB (with one short soprano split that’s really optional) to the end.

There are a few other things in the works–even if it may appear that nothing much is happening around here. There’s a new Christmas carol, a new grandbaby song!!!, and a few odds and ends. As usual, I’m slow. We’ll see which one shows up next.

We continue to battle the cancer monster at our house. Many of you have sent up prayers on our behalf. I appreciate that so very much! It’s no fun, but the gospel of Jesus Christ makes things okay–even when they’re not. <3

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Be Still, My Soul (now for solo with viola or violin, and for SATB choir with violin)

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