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On a Christmas Long Ago

From the DeFord household to you and yours, happy Christmas!

Each year I try to do a “Christmas Card Carol” to give away in lieu of fudge or cookies. (That’s because you don’t want my cookery. Trust me.) I never seem to get them done in time to be useful for the current year, and this year’s is no exception. So…

Here on Christmas Eve Eve (is that a thing?) is this year’s carol, “On a Christmas Long Ago.” The recording features vocals by my dear friend James Loynes.


Here’s a video of the same track. (It’s just the lyrics on a background… my imagination ran out about when the week did.)



The only score is solo voice–for now. I’ll probably do a choir arrangement for next year, and add the obbligato score then.



May your Christmas be joyful,
and may your new year
be filled with love and hope and peace.

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