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Peace, Be Still

Oct 11, 2018

I spent several hours last night with my daughter, Holly, on Skype. Until about 2 a.m. when she dropped off. Her power probably went out.  Because… 

Yeah, they live right in the path of hurricane Michael. It had by then been downgraded to just a tropical storm. 

“Just” a tropical storm. 

I guess I can be thankful for that, but Mama bear is irrational. Grandmama bear is worse. And there’s nothing either can do about it except fret and worry and pray. 

So for anyone out there who is affected by this (or any!) natural disaster… or unnatural disaster… I’ll share one of Holly’s comments from last night:

That’s what the Lord said to his disciples so long ago, and that’s what He says to us now. It’s going to be ok. Whatever it is. Peace, be still. It’s what He said to me a decade ago when I wrote this song:


Isn’t it amazing how the Lord knows what we need, now and tomorrow and next year, and a decade from now?  He knew I’d need to listen to my own song several times over, for my own comfort. (And also to drive “That’s the night when the lights went out in Georgia….” out of my head… 😉 )

So Mama bear will keep watching for the power to come back on in Georgia; Grandmama bear will keep praying; and the Lord will keep His arms around us all, and keep whispering, “Peace, be still.”

Update: The kiddos are fine, very little property damage, and the cats have stopped screaming. I guess cats feel the pressure drop worse than humans do!

Update 2: I was in such a fog this morning that I forgot to add the links box so here ya go…

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“Heavens Embrace” – Solo (2009)

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