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In Which “Rock of Ages” Gets the 4/4 Treatment

May 3, 2019

Maybe that should read “…gets the 4/4 treatment one-and-a-half-handed.”

I love the words to “Rock of Ages.” I have always felt though, that the triple rhythm just doesn’t give them the weight and meaning they deserve. So this arrangement is done in 4/4.

The one and a half hands? That’s what happens when you develop carpal tunnel syndrome and ligament issues and find that after surgery you make a very impatient patient. (Recuperating gracefully is not one of my talents.)

DragonThe silver lining here is that I have some beeeeautiful scars I can make the grandkids believe I got fighting dragons. (You’ll notice I didn’t post a picture of said scars. Definitely TMI. I gave you a nice dragon instead.)


This arrangement was done as I struggled to play anything correctly–let alone up to speed. (I’m still only good for the mildest hymns played rather slowly.) It was a sort of personal challenge, to see what I could come up with almost-one-handed.

You will find it (especially the left hand) very simple. You’ll also find it both very easy and somewhat challenging. Setting a familiar hymn to a new rhythm can be tricky until you get used to it.

Here’s a solo recording, with vocals by James Loynes:

There’s also an accompaniment track available on the song page.

As you can hear, the solo covers quite a range. I have provided the .pc files, as usual, so that you can transpose the music as you choose. If you transpose the solo, you won’t be able to transpose it far–a couple of notes is about all you’ll get. The chorals assign those low and high places to the appropriate parts. You don’t get that luxury when you’re singing alone. 🙂 

The “cover” art for this one is backed by a lovely photo by my friend Jeff Carter. See it full size here, along with more of his amazing work. (Ten points if you can spot the photo that looks like it came right out of “Frozen.” 🙂 )


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