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The Annual Jackman Music BOGO Sale, and a “State of the Site” Rundown

Dec 13, 2017

Jackman Music’s annual BOGO sale happens tomorrow (Thursday, 12/14/17). This is a really good time to stock up. (No, I’m not an affilliate. Guess I should hit them up for chocolate at least… 😉 ) Get the details here. 

If you don’t have Lynn Lund’s “The Fount of Love” in your choir’s library, here’s your chance to grab it. I love love love this one, and my choir did too.


Some miscellaneous notes about my recent site overhaul:

Recordings: Yes, some older recordings are missing. They’ll be back as soon as I can get them re-uploaded, though a few are gone for good. (Just a reminder: recordings here change occasionally, so if there’s something you particularly want to keep, download it.) Until my Soundclick account is deactivated, if you’re really desperate you can still get some of the old stuff here.

Scores: Yes, some scores are also missing. If I had tried to do all the different voicings at the same time, the job would never be finished. The voicings will reappear gradually as I have time to get them done. In the meantime, you’re welcome to transpose the Personal Composer scores into your desired key. Some songs that annoyed me are being edited, and are currently not available at all.

Both:  I’m going to have to ignore specific requests for recording or scores if I’m ever going to get anything done. I apologize for that, but since I can’t clone myself…

Redoing this place turned up quite a few old memories. Here’s one that made me grin–a screenshot from 20 years ago:

Not the very beginning, but far enough back to show you that this place has never been one of those glitzy sites with tons of glossy pictures. The illustrious Orson Scott Card once called my site “almost primeval.” Guilty as charged I guess.

Strange score stuff

Anyone know what this means?

Some relics weren’t so grin-worthy. Many of the older PDFs had become… weird. Text too small to read… HUGE codas and unidentifiable symbols hanging out in strange places… oh, just really strange stuff.

My first music PDFs took me through three different programs and two different help desks.Often the pages came out solid black. My original site had only four songs, because they were the only readable scores my computer would spit out. 


Those four were uploaded using a 9600 baud modem. When we upgraded to a blazing-fast 14.4K dialup modem, we felt so very tech-savvy. (Remember this noise, anyone?) I could start an upload, make dinner, eat with the family, help clean up, and when I got back the upload would be nearly finished! Assuming nobody had tried to use the phone.


Of all the gaffes I found, worst of all was this:

No, I didn’t list Disneyland’s address and phone number. I actually listed my own address and phone number in copyright notices. The idea was that maybe two or three people would download a couple of songs, and maybe those two or three people would need to contact me.

Bahahaha. I. am. an. idiot.

This year 3.89 million of you dropped by the site to say hello. Thank you for not phoning.

Really, my old phone number has long been disconnected. The address is still the same though, so if you do come by, bring Diet Coke. 🙂


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