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The Deadline Approaches!

Jun 29, 2019

Hands at pianoOkay folks, if you haven’t hit the “submit” button for Hymns and/or Children’s Songs for the new hymn book and children’s songbook yet, you’ve got until Monday.

Submissions can be uploaded on the Church website through 11:59 p.m. MST on Monday, July 1. (No, I’m not on the committee; yes I have that date/time on good authority.)

Suggestions for the committee can be made on the site as well.

For the sake of some of you who may be hesitating out of feelings of insecurity, I’m going to offer some advice–take it or leave it! Here goes:

This isn’t a competition.This isn’t a contest. This project isn’t about you or me or anybody else. This is simply a way to offer what we have to the Lord so it’s there if He needs it.

Obviously, not everything submitted can be included in a print hymnal or children’s songbook, and that’s okay. (Thousands of submissions would make for a fairly unwieldy volume, ya think?)

Offer what you can–no expectations, and no strings attached.


Happy submitting!


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