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This was a bit surreal… (cue the Twilight Zone music)

Aug 13, 2019

Every site on the internet is under attack. It’s just the way things are.

In the past 24 hours, my site has been attacked more than 5 million times. It happens every day.

ParasolHackers love to use automated routines. It’s utterly impersonal… which is insulting and annoying. Like one of my favorite fictional detectives says, I hate “…the remoteness of the business. If someone is going to kill me, I want him to take a personal interest.” (50 points if you know who said that.)

Since it is so very impersonal, it was surprising to take a quick look at the list of blocked attacks and see that someone (or, rather, some thing) had tried to log in to the back end of this site with a very silly e-mail address my son used when he was eight years old — 20-odd years ago.

two fishAs is so typical, my kids concocted somewhat unique e-mail handles, mostly to talk to family. Like “1fish2fishredfishpsychofish” or “dannytheliontamer.”

It was a bit surreal to realize that as I was blithely working on Christmas music, some robot was trying to exploit these old, now-extinct e-mail addresses.

The hackers are definitely trying every trick imaginable.

This year’s Christmas carol is a choral, full of shepherds and sheep and angels and echoing glorias. It’s still in progress. If it pops up elsewhere first, you’ll know the robots got me. 

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