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Videos: “Canción de Loor” and “Come Unto Christ”

Mar 6, 2020

In honor of March, and St. Patrick’s Day, and the Luck of the Irish and all that good stuff, I just have to say…I’m such a lucky girl.

Occasionally some of you send me recordings to listen to… and I love love love it. Here are two that were sent recently.

The first is a recording of “Canción de Loor” (“Anthem of Praise” – Spanish) performed at the “Luz de las Naciones” celebration in the LDS Conference center. Beautiful choir, beautiful directing, beautiful instruments! Thanks to Loren Ashcraft for sending this one along.

The second is a recording of “Come Unto Christ” performed by the BYU-Idaho Women’s Chorus, and sent to me by Nikki Green who choreographed, directed and put together this music video. Again… beautiful choir, beautiful directing, and beautiful instruments!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to these wonderful videos. You made my day!

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