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Watching Over Me

Jun 1, 2018

Shari Lewis and Lamb ChopRemember the wonderful old Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop show? Remember “The song that doesn’t end?” Sometimes “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” reminds me a little of that song. Soooo many verses… soooo many arrangements… and so, of course, today I’m adding three more. 🙂

Before I do, though, I want to talk about the intent of the words for just a minute. Since I’m getting up on my soapbox for this one, I’m going to label it that way. If you feel like reading it, just click the soapbox. If not… onward.


I ran across a comment about this song, obviously written by a young person. It said, in effect,

“If I could see the Savior standing beside me, I would do exactly what I do now, because he loves me just the way I am.”

This is true. And I am so glad that this young person is confident enough to be able to say that.

I have worried a little about that comment though, because, reading between the lines… it felt like maybe… just maybe… somebody had used this song to try to bludgeon the speaker into changing his/her behavior.

This song wasn’t meant to beat anyone over the head. It was written for a daughter who exemplified the kind of behavior that the Lord would be pleased with.

Notice that it’s written in *first person.*

“Would I,” not “would you.”

It’s an expression of personal gratitude to the Savior who is watching over each of us unfailingly.

And notice that phrase… “watching over me.” Not “Big Brother is watching you” with the intent of catching you doing something wrong, but watching over you in love and constant care, to help and comfort and protect.

So there’s the intent of the song–to express love and devotion to a Savior who is always there, always close and always loves us enough to watch over us. I truly hope that wherever this song may be sung, it will not be a lecture, but a very personal, introspective message.

/soapbox. 🙂

Here are the three new additions:

New solo version, with vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor, and cello by Ramona McConkie. This arrangement is the second one Allyse has recorded (maybe we need another Lamb Chop picture), and bless her for being patient and kind enough to do it again for me! Her first recording is lovely, but for kids/grandkids, I wanted this one to be entirely my own–and I wanted you to have access to the sheet music and accompaniment track– hence the new one.

New SATB w/organ, from the January worldwide Young Single Adult Devotional with Elder and Sister Uchtdorf. This song was included at his request, and arranged by Marshall MacDonald and Cole Parker. Marshall has graciously made the arrangement available free here.

Here’s a video of the performance. (Marshall directed the choir–watch for him!)


And last but not least, yet another arrangement, in yet another style.

This is from Timothy Goodman’s album called “I Will,” and you couldn’t ask for a more amazing rendition. It’s a duet, and includes Jessie Clark Funk on the vocals with Tim. There is no sheet music for this arrangement, which is probably a good thing since not many of us have access to the Prague Philharmonic. 🙂 The album is available here.

So there you have it. Three versions, three different ways. 

Scores for the new solo and the new SATB are both found here:
If the Savior Stood Beside Me

Sheet music for Tim’s version is not available.

Next up: Malachi gets his song at last. 🙂

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