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What’s your favorite LDS hymn? Hmmm???

Apr 22, 2018

HymnbookI’m currently the Music Chairperson in my congregation, which means I’m in charge of selecting music for Sunday worship services. I’m beginning to realize that my favorites may not be everyone else’s favorites, and vice versa. So help a girl out here: If you’re familiar with LDS hymns, tell me your favorite hymns from the LDS hymnbook. 

The survey is only two questions long. The hymns are listed by number (it’s the only way to really tally them well), so if you need to look them up, here’s an alphabetical list: https://www.lds.org/music/text/hymns 

I’ll post the results in June. I’m hoping to get enough responses to make this a really useful resource, so share this and send your friends around. (Heh… when’s the last time you heard me say that?)

Happy choosing!

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