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A couple of Christmas additions

Dec 6, 2015

Just a quick update this time. I’ve added an SATB hymn called “As Sudden Angels Filled the Night,” with an optional obbligato for two flutes. The words were written by my friend Toni Thomas, and the music is by yours truly. I don’t often write straight hymns, so this was fun (and challenging) for me. It was also good practice, because hymn-writing is an art all of its own.

Toni Thomas

Toni has had lots of experience writing hymn texts, as you can see if you visit her website. We knew when we started the project that the timing would make it rather late for this Christmas season, but… well… we were having fun, so… 😉

Also new this time: Last week’s blog post (here) mentioned an arrangement of “And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful” done by Kurt Bestor for Laura Pattillo’s new Christmas album. It also mentioned that the sheet music wasn’t available and I’d let you know if that changed. Sooooooo…. I’m letting you know! Kurt has kindly let me post his arrangement here, so it’s now available for free download. Thanks Kurt!

Only 19 days until Christmas! Turn up the carols… eat lots of big, thick, soft sugar cookies, and enjoy the season! 🙂

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