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Come, Follow Me – A Primary Accompaniment

Jan 2, 2019

Does this make it too easy?

Here’s the first new music of the year… only two days into 2019?????

“You know, sometimes I even amaze myself.”

(10 points if you can tell me who said that… and another 10 if you can tell me what the response was!)

Alas, these days it feels like the calendar has made the jump to hyperspace. 🙂

Many of you have asked about an accompaniment for the hymn “Come, Follow Me” which is included in the 2019 Primary music program. Sometimes I actually do get around to requests, soooooo…. here’s an accompaniment with optional obbligato for beginning flute, and optional congregation and organ.

The flute obbligato is super simple, and I’ve included it in two formats–one for use with the printed score, the other for use with the hymnbook. The piano accompaniment could be used with a solo voice as well.

Have an amazing new year!


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Come Follow Me – Primary Accompaniment

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