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General Conference is the kickoff to Christmas… amiright?

Oct 7, 2019

Football in a Santa HatOh wow, that’s one of my better headlines ever, if I do say so myself. It combines three of my favorite Autumn things: General Conference, Football and Christmas. (I’m not gonna talk football, since my favorite team isn’t doing all that well this year. **sigh**)

Here’s a General Conference offering: “He Sent His Son,” the closing choir number from Saturday evening’s women’s session. (“General Conference” is the twice-a-year meeting of the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is broadcast worldwide.)

The arrangement (words by Mabel Jones Gabbott, music by Michael F. Moody) has been on the site for quite awhile. The organist played both the piano score and included elements from the instrumental obbligatos. Those organists are amazing.

This choir of girls aged 8-18 will steal your heart, and if you’re up for a few smiles, you won’t be disappointed. Particularly, check out the adorable young lady at around 10:31:40. (What do you you do when you run out of “breath”? That all-important question is answered here. 🙂 )  I just wanted to hug that one!

These beautiful girls did such a great job, and sang like they meant it. I love love loved watching them.

If you’ve ever wanted to find the music from the Conference sessions, here’s where you can get it: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/music/general-conference?lang=eng  There are (or will be) links to the videos, and to the sheet music if it’s available.

TreeStay tuned for my first Christmas carol of the year, coming soon. Like… oh… tomorrow.

Maybe. 🙂


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